The power to change
your emotions.

SaniScent provides "Cold Air Diffusion System" for your home or office by connecting a centralized scent dispenser to your AC ducts. With more than a dozen scents, you can now change your mood at a tap of a button from our mobile app.

Our machines work unnoticed

Cold Air Diffusion is simply the process of transforming liquid scent to very fine myst that are carried in the air like smoke.

Our machines are placed within the ceiling where a tube is connected to your Air Condition ducts. The machine silently pumps the scent into your ducting evenly spreading the scent throughout your home or office.


Dozens of scents to suit your mood.

We have a collection of scents that we hand picked from France - the perfume capital of the world.

Our hand-crafted Aroma Oils are a blend of perfume grade diffuser oils and 100% pure Essential Oils that are sourced from pure and natural ingredients. These Oils are ideal for creating the perfect ambience in your business or home.


3 Limited edition scents

The most sophisticated scents in our brand that embodies luxury and prestige.

Each delicately traced fragrance blend is designed to create a welcoming experience, reinforce your brand, evoke a desired mood and touch consumers at the point most closely related to emotion and memory — the sense of smell.


Control your mood at a 'tap'.

With our Scent-Palm app, you can control our scent diffusers easily

Download our Scent-Palm app and take control of how the machine works for you. You can schedule when the machine work and at what intensity they should give off scent. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Take control of your mood today!

Select a Scent Plan HERE or contact us if you want to sample our exlusive line of scents.