We Are Saniservice

Saniservice, Dubai’s leading Indoor Air Disinfection and Management Company complements its Air Disinfection Division with the addition of SaniScent to its line of premium services.  SaniScent differentiates itself in the Scent Marketing Industry by providing premium natural scents delivered through a cold diffusion technology that is installed right at your duct.  This system is controlled through a Mobile App where you can set your desired scent intensity and frequency – all delivered via Saniservice’s high-end service delivery.

An Accessory to Clean Air: Natural Scent

Giving you the means to alter your mood.

SaniScent brings this Power to change emotions into your homes and offices.

Aromachology – the study of odors and its effects on human physiology and psychology, and have found links between scents and human emotions. Analysis of the brain waves recorded on an electroencephalogram shows that certain perfumes have calming and relaxing action while others gave a stimulating effect. SaniScent worked with the masters of the trade from Europe to bring you the widest possible selection of scents.

Technology combined with Saniservice quality

We import the highest quality aroma essences from European Master perfumers to ensure the widest possible selection of choice.

Our scent diffusers work on the basis of cold air diffusion providing the most effective and safe fragrance diffusion for a scented space. We completely nebulize (atomize) the scent into the air so that the air is scented and fills the required space. This, combined with the quality customer service that Saniservice is known for amounts to a whole new world of experience in wellness and luxury.